Our unique blend of ingredients

Daydream contains no sugar, no caffeine, and a mix of powerful adaptogens and hemp extracts that work with the body’s endocrine system. Making it a go-to for increasing focus, reducing stress & finding calm.

  • Hemp Extracts

    Balance & Clarity

  • Schisandra

    Stress Reduction

  • Moringa

    Anti- inflammation & Antioxidant

  • Ginseng

    Focus & Memory

Blackberry Chai

Otherworldly connection

Cucumber Lime

Casual & Cool

Peach Ginger

Nostalgically refreshing

Variety Pack

To soothe your curiosity

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire people to dream more, create more, and live in the present moment. Daydream was made to free minds. Some people find their release in a short meditation, their favorite song, or a morning jog. We prefer a Daydream.

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